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With the demands of multiple stakeholders and clients, the pace of innovation and the impact of regulatory change, Finance today is more than just accounting.

Legerity are the experts in cloud-based accounting rules software. Find out how Legerity’s FastPost can help your business become more agile.


From Regulation to Transformation - Your Questions, Answered.

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It’s essential to build an ESG framework on sound numbers, comparable data, and an empowered finance team. Read our latest ESG report and find out how Legerity FastPost can deliver all three.



    Finance is under pressure. Historic under investment means finance systems are creaking with processes that are inefficient and error prone. Forward looking CFOs are driving change. FastPost is the next generation Accounting Rules Platform. Designed and developed for large volume, complicated data and processes: Cloud-native, ultra-high speed performance and built with the latest open source technologies.

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    The world of financial control in banking is going through a significant change. The markets today demand fast-paced innovation, the ability to process huge data-sets, with increased transparency and scrutiny.

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    FastPost for Insurance helps insurers by implementing a solution for IFRS17 today that goes beyond compliance. Putting in place the technology to take advantage and respond to a changing digital world.

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    Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting has been around for some time. Business activities are affecting the climate, and we know that the climate will affect businesses.

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    Why Legerity

    Legerity's FastPost Accounting Rules Platform is changing how Insurance, Banking, and Telco firms think about their back-office processes. The platform takes huge volumes of complicated data and processes it, in the cloud, at ultra-fast speed. With FastPost, your firm can reduce costs, meet regulation and drive innovation.



    Finance must be agile and responsive to business innovation and competitors. Customers demand complex and niche products via digital channels on demand.


    Heavy regulatory burdens require richer data, at speed, on demand, based on a single source of the truth. Audit and control must be part of finance DNA.


    BAU costs reduced through automation, streamlined processes, faster close, reduced errors and move to the Cloud. Finance provides business insight supported by AI & ML.


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