Legerity Insurtech Insider

Legerity talks to Insurtech Insider

Legerity CEO and Founder Jeremy Wood joined the Insurtech Insider panel to discuss the latest news in the world of insurance and insurtech.

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Legerity Sponsors the Kings College London Data Society (KCLDSS)

Legerity is proud to announce the inaugural gold level sponsorship of the Kings College London Data Science Society, founded by Legerity intern Isaac Akanho.

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ifrs17 implementation webinar

Webinar: IFRS17 Out of the Box – A Fast Track to Implementation

Webinar discussing a fast track way to deliver IFRS17 implementation using a pre-configured cloud-based SaaS with minimum disruption and at a sensible cost.

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Legerity Welcomes Juan Federico

Legerity welcomes Juan Federico to the team. Learn about his past experiences and how he will support Legerity in 2020.

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