IFRS17 Webinar Allocations Delivering Finance Transformation

IFRS17 Webinar: The Importance of Allocations – Delivering Finance Transformation

Webinar examining the importance of allocations for IFRS17 and finance processes in general and how a new generation Allocation Engine can help transform them.

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IFRS17 Complex

How complex do insurers perceive IFRS17 to be?

At our recent IFRS17 Masterclass webinar in June, we asked the audience of 200 insurance professionals for their overall view of the IFRS17 standard.

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Finance Transformation Webinar: Legerity in Action with Millennium Consulting – IFRS15 and IFRS17

Webinar exploring how Legerity FastPost Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of IFRS15 & IFRS17, and creates a platform for digital finance transformation.

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Transforming Finance – Legerity in the Markets with O2 – Webinar

Webinar looking at innovation in financial accounting, that not only helps the business run more profitably, but also meet all regulatory requirements.

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Meet The Legerity Team Webinar

The Legerity Team share the story of founding Legerity, the technology behind their accounting rules engine, and the team's experience in the finance and insurance industries.

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