Accounting for Sustainability: Finance Net Zero

Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting has been around for some time. One area of particular focus that is gaining momentum across governments, regulators, investors and employees is climate impact. Business activities are affecting the climate, and we know that the climate will affect businesses.

As the focus on ESG issues becomes more piercing – CFOs are being asked tough questions. One question that is coming up repeatedly deals with lifting the veil on the company’s climate impact and the associated risks. Take net zero-emission targets, for example. Investors, regulators, governments, customers, and employees want to know what the company is doing to reduce and offset its impact on the climate and mitigate risks to the business.

FastPost provides the audit and control framework and enables the link between climate accounting and financial accounting for transparent reporting, enhanced management insight, and ESG optimisation.

It’s essential to build an ESG framework on sound numbers, comparable data, and an empowered finance team. Read our latest ESG report and find out how Legerity FastPost can deliver all three.

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