is being transformed,

greater competition, shrinking margins, increased complexity  are you keeping pace?

Welcome to the future of banking financial control

The world of financial control in banking is going through a significant change. The markets today demand fast-paced innovation, the ability to process huge data-sets, with increased transparency and scrutiny.

To succeed the modern back-office now needs frontier solutions to deliver Automation, Regulation and Transformation.

Legerity FastPost helps you achieve this.



With greater volumes, tighter pricing, and the increased migration away from OTC to electronic trading and market venues.


An ever more complex and stringent regulatory landscape to adhere to, demanding greater transparency, auditing and granular reporting.


New challenger entrants and increased competition, with great demands from business for faster product innovation, improved client servicing and cost efficiencies.

How FastPost helps you handle Financial Transformation


Define the need, map data from any source, and solve the problem at speed.


A 3rd generation accounting rules engine that was architected and born “in the cloud”.


With an elegant UI, your firm’s rules are fast to define, test, approve and share.


Run complex calculations with precision, speed and accounting discipline.


Seamless integration with the existing legacy systems of today and future-state architectures of tomorrow.


The January 2023 deadline for IFRS 17 implementation poses a major challenge for Insurance businesses. So, how does your organisation plan to manage the switchover? Some of the biggest firms use the FastPost platform for IFRS 17 – turning a regulatory obligation into an opportunity to work faster and smarter.

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