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is being transformed,

greater competition, shrinking margins, increased complexity  are you keeping pace?

Welcome to the future of banking financial control

The world of financial control in banking is going through a significant change. The markets today demand fast-paced innovation, the ability to process huge data-sets, with increased transparency and scrutiny. To succeed the modern back-office now needs frontier solutions to deliver regulation and transformation and improve efficiency and cost reduction.

Legerity FastPost is a modular accounting rules platform. Delivering highly performant, finance approved, validated processes & calcs with a business and accounting rules engine.

Digital Transformation

Finance must be agile and responsive to business innovation and competitors. Customers demand complex and niche products via digital channels on demand.

Regulation & Compliance

Heavy regulatory burdens require richer data, at speed, on demand, based on a single source of the truth. Audit and control must be part of finance DNA.

Efficiency & Cost Reduction

BAU costs reduced through automation, streamlined processes, faster close, reduced errors and move to the Cloud. Finance provides business insight supported by AI & ML.

Legacy Integration

Our extensive APIs and integration extends the life and value of legacy and vendor systems that are cumbersome, expensive or difficult to modify.

Agility, Speed & Scale

Time and accuracy are critical for businesses to compete. Firms need full granular level control of their data on demand.


Giving greater Financial Control, replacing End User Computing, automating workflows, transforming  operations and reducing inefficiencies.


From Regulation to Transformation - Your Questions, Answered.

Our Resource Centre has everything you need; an online wealth of knowledge - from WhitePapers and Factsheets to Demo’s, Explainer Videos and Studio Interviews.


FastPost Accounting Rules Engine is a mandatory component of a future proofed technology, application and data architecture. The ability to deliver accounting validated data for both finance and the wider data ecosystem delivers game changing benefits for the organisation.

FastPost views data in a way that makes sense to finance and other business users. It allows them to describe the business events originating from client facing systems in the front office in their own terms, create and apply the accounting rules, providing a single source of accounting validated data – “one version of the truth”.

With FastPost, users are in full control of defining their own rules to account for every business event across all products, services and contracts – however complex.

Legerity FastPost

FastPost is the next generation accounting rules platform. Modular in design with open interfaces, developed for large data volumes, complex accounting needs, business insight and agility: Cloud-native, ultra-high speed performance and built with the latest open source technologies.

Events & Calculations

High performance processing of complex calculations and processes with audit and control. A powerful component of a modern, integrated finance systems architecture, providing a library of calculations that can be applied to incoming data and business events.

Rules Engine

FastPost boosts control and efficiency, cuts costs, ensures consistency and minimises error. Easy-use GUI makes accounting and business rules fast to define, test and approve with full audit control.

Sub Ledger

The FastPost Sub-Ledger delivers granular, transaction-based accounting daily and in real-time for multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-time zone processing. With a highly flexible segment definition users unlock important business value with rapid, on-demand reporting.

Data Manager

Legerity’s comprehensive library of models and taxonomies streamlines data integration. Transforming disparate existing systems into a single, true data-set – standardised for consistent reporting. The data model handles all type of business and finance events including the most complex Trades, Contracts, Customers and Organisation structures.


FastPost Use Cases

FastPost Accounting Rules platform supports many use cases across all types of financial services firms: Finance and digital transformation, accounting or regulatory change, new product launch, mergers & acquisitions, ERP replacement, IT rationalisation, legacy system migration and Cloud adoption. A few examples are listed below.


The market and regulatory demands on banks requires a flexible yet highly controlled finance environment. New products need to be launched quickly and without the need for manual intervention.

No longer is accounting buried across multiple trading or settlement systems. Legerity’s FastPost Accounting Rules Platform can deliver a single point of accounting control and change. The logic is visible so business users can see, understand and own the rules.

Delivering faster, detailed data, daily P&L and Balance Sheet reporting, reduced close periods and improved analytics and responses to business queries.

Group Finance

Finance is under pressure. Historic under investment mean finance systems are creaking and processes are inefficient and error prone. Forward looking CFOs are driving change.

In addition to the strategic, big agenda items including, digital transformation, cloud migration, regulation and compliance, Group Finance is seeking to deliver tactical improvements and quick wins: Standardise group reporting, optimise daily flash reporting, improve inter-company reconciliation and consolidation processes, automation, reducing EUCs and manual works arounds for allocations and month end close.


Payment providers require flexibility to support new market offerings whilst providing automation. cost efficiency, audit and financial control.

The need for granular product and customer analysis requires ultra high-performance processing with detailed transaction attribution and flexible business segmentation.

FastPost Accounting Rules Platform allows payments firms to launch and account for the most complex products quickly and efficiently, so that market opportunities can be fully exploited.

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