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ESG - The Role of Finance

Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are a key challenge and opportunity for business.

Finance and the CFO are central to delivering the firm-wide change needed for investors, regulators, customers, and employees who want to know what the company is doing to reduce and offset its impact on the climate and mitigate risks to the business. FastPost provides the audit and control framework to enable the link between climate accounting and financial accounting, allowing for transparent reporting, enhanced management insight, and ESG optimisation.

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    ESG: The Role of Finance

    The impact ESG is having on companies is a topic that is very much front of mind and newspaper. This podcast episode discusses the importance of ESG for financial services companies. Legerity is joined by thought leaders from KPMG & Two Magnolias, giving their perspectives from consulting, investment advisory and technology, discussing sustainability and how markets, and indeed investor and regulator appetites, are changing.

    Carbon Accounting

    Sometimes known as carbon or greenhouse gas inventory, it is the process by which organisations quantify their GHG emissions, their climate impact and set goals to limit them.

    Dimensioning your Financials

    Means segmenting and structuring your data and organising your financials. With this information, Banks could potentially award "green" loans or mortgages for A-rated households or limit lending to fossil fuel-related industries.

    Audit and Control of Data

    A one-stop shop for all your ESG metrics. Stay in control of changes in regulation with an audit trail and history of any changes.

    Financed Emissions

    The GHG emissions associated with financial institutions' investing, lending, and underwriting activities, are on average over 700 times higher than the sectors’ direct emissions. Financial institutions must start measuring their financed emissions to understand their overall climate impact, the risks they face and most importantly drive capital allocation that can help drive the global push to net zero emissions.

    The 3 Steps to Get Going with ESG Reporting

    Step 1:


    We complete a series of workshops, taking an initial view of ESG requirements across your business.

    Step 2:


    Based on your requirements, we design and configure a solution as part of a pilot program or Proof of Concept.

    Step 3:


    With the solution developed and configured, we complete an initial implementation across a priority ESG area, intending to tackle other aspects of ESG in the future.

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