Driven by both internal and external factors, sustainability must be high on each company’s agenda.

Roland Berger’s analysis of 100+ European banks shows that environmental and corporate governance initiatives have a significantly positive ROE impact and therefore have also a positive effect on shareholder value. Nonetheless, experience shows that banks are pursuing ESG initiatives in many areas, yet initiatives are often limited to the surface.

Conversely, Sustainability development for insurance companies has multiple angles to be considered (Portfolio investments, Underwriting, Business activities), ultimately impacting the key stakeholders (Investors, Customers, Employees)

Pressure is mounting on CFOs to report the climate impact of their operations and the associated risks and business opportunities.

Finance departments will play a central role in climate impact reporting, underpinned by a strong data-driven approach to external reporting and audit.

Time: 9am US ET / 2pm UK / 3pm Europe / 9pm HKT
Date: 5th May 2022
Duration: 60 minutes
Attendees: Finance, IT, ESG, Sustainability

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At this free webinar, leading consulting firm Roland Berger will share their latest ESG perspectives, the impact of ESG on European banks and insurers and examples of action fields on ESG Sustainable investments.

ESG experts from Legerity will discuss how the transition to net-zero and associated climate impact reporting will affect the Office of the CFO. We will examine the challenges that firms face and how to build a robust climate reporting framework based on sound climate data and accounting principles.


  • Introductions
  • Roland Berger
    • Intro to ESG for Financial Services players
    • Focus Banks: the impact of ESG on European banks’ ROE and operating model
    • Focus Insurers: ESG risk rating of key insurers and a sustainability map for insurers
  • Legerity

Roland Berger is a global management consultancy headquartered in Munich. The firm maintains a team of ESG experts and has recently released a study assessing the impact of “E”, “S” and “G” on European banks’ profitability.

Legerity are the specialists in accounting change. We help our clients adopt new accounting standards and deliver digital finance transformation with award-winning technology, rapidly and with minimal disruption.

We look forward to meeting you at the event.