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Welcome to the future of accounting

The world of finance is transforming and we’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Introducing Legerity FastPost: a 3rd generation leading-edge accounting rules platform that combines the latest advances in technology, data and application architectures.

Solving complex, cumbersome and processing heavy finance, risk and regulatory problems.



Solving the regulatory challenges of IFRS17 today, while laying down the foundation of a future-state architecture.


To succeed the modern back-office needs frontier solutions to deliver Automation, Regulation and Transformation.


In a world where everything’s connected, Telcos are more than network providers, and need finance systems to support a rapidly changing business.

Define the need, map data from any source, and solve the problem at speed.

Real-Time & Batch

Disparate data sources, linked through APIs, and processed in Real-Time and Batch.

Standard Model

Mapped to a best-practice finance model in the cloud, and processed via a powerful accounting rules engine.


A 3rd generation accounting rules engine that was architected and born “in the cloud”.


Process millions of transactions in minutes – in batch or real-time.


Deploy the platform to a single function or use it across the enterprise.


With an elegant UI, your firm’s rules are fast to define, test, approve and share.


Users can unlock important business value with fast, on-demand reporting.


Full end-to-end data lineage and audit trail help ensure data quality across the accounting process.


Run complex calculations with precision, speed and accounting discipline.


Drill down through the data, balance to journal to transaction, super quick.


Best-in-class sub-ledger and accounting hub design for multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-time zone processing.


Seamless integration with the existing legacy systems of today and future-state architectures of tomorrow.


Easy to deploy to multiple outputs, ledger entries, BI, On-demand reporting etc.

Faster Delivery

Preconfigured with a comprehensive library of models and taxonomies to work out-of-the-box.


The January 2023 deadline for IFRS 17 implementation poses a major challenge for Insurance businesses. So, how does your organisation plan to manage the switchover? Some of the biggest firms use the FastPost platform for IFRS 17 – turning a regulatory obligation into an opportunity to work faster and smarter.

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