Webinar exploring how Legerity FastPost Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of IFRS15 & IFRS17, and creates a platform for digital finance transformation.

This webinar looks at how Legerity’s FastPost Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of new accounting standards including IFRS15 and IFRS17, and creates a future proof platform for digital finance transformation.

The world is changing fast, and firms will need to embrace financial transformation to keep ahead. Telcos are more than network providers now, and need finance systems to support a rapidly changing business. Insurers are solving the regulatory challenges of IFRS17 today, while laying down the foundation of a future-state architecture.

To succeed, the modern Banking back-office needs frontier solutions to deliver Automation, Regulation and Transformation. Finance teams are constantly asked to do more with less. Gartner recently stated that 85% of finance teams are currently undergoing or planning a finance transformation. However, 70% of finance transformation initiatives fail to deliver the forecast benefits to the business.

Legerity FastPost, a 3rd generation leading-edge accounting rules platform, is solving these complex, cumbersome and processing heavy finance, risk and regulatory problems.

Legerity FastPost allows firms to deliver:

  • Greater agility
  • Simplified processes
  • Improved reporting
  • Massive scalability
  • Quicker routes to market

Legerity FastPost is changing the way Insurance, Banking and Telco firms think about accounting.

To discuss how Legerity’s FastPost can transform your finance and risk function, contact info@legerityfinancials.com

This webinar was part of ditto’s Meet The Disruptors event, held virtually on June 23rd and 24th 2020. Find out more here – https://ditto.tv/meet-the-disruptors