On the advent of their new office opening in Hong Kong, Legerity’s Jeremy Wood and Mark Miller offer their insights from Asia-Pacific, discussing the regional perspective on the global IFRS 17 standards.

IFRS 17 gives insurers an opportunity to transform their business, while reducing the cost base and utilising emerging technologies.

Internationally, Insurers are having to consider how to standardise processes, bridging the gap between actuarial and finance functions across multiple, worldwide locations.

So what does this mean in terms of a regional perspective?

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In this video we look at:
02:19 – What brings Legerity to Hong Kong?
04:29 – Is IFRS 17 viewed the same in Hong Kong as it is in Europe? What are the differences the region is experiencing?
06:40 – How has the adoption for IFRS 17 gained traction in the Asia-Pacific region?
09:58 – What are the global themes being reinforced for IFRS 17?

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