Fundamental to the success of any IFRS 17 implementation is data management. However identifying the data required for both actuarial and finance, plugging any gaps and getting agreement across all stakeholders is a significant challenge.

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This free webinar will discuss ways of fast tracking the IFRS 17 data management challenge and explore methods of not just delivering the data required to achieve compliance but the data that is necessary to drive significant operational and business improvements.

IFRS 17 is a once in a generational opportunity to deliver significant business benefits and the recent extension to the deadlines makes this even more possible.

The agenda will cover:

  • Data to Disclosure Journey
  • Common Data Framework
  • Compliance or Transformation
  • How PoCs can assist
  • IFRS 17 Demonstration

Legerity are the specialists in IFRS accounting change. Our FastPost CSM and Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of new IFRS 17 standards with minimum disruption.

Date: 10am UK / 11am Europe on 22nd January 2019
Duration: 45 minutes
Attendees: Finance, Actuarial, Risk, IT

Register for this IFRS 17 webinar here