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IFRS 17 SaaS PoC – Ready for a Test Drive

Moving from IFRS 17 Impact Assessment to Implementation is a big step. Selecting technology whilst still unsure about the detailed requirements and end to end system design is difficult and high risk.

Watch the IFRS 17 Webinar recording here >

A SaaS based IFRS 17 Proof of Concept is the next logical step in moving from assessment to implementation It can help firms substantiate and visualise the IFRS 17 data to disclosure journey whilst driving out critical business and design decisions, data gaps and system challenges.

Register for this free webinar to hear how a cloud based IFRS 17 PoC is already assisting firms in moving beyond assessment, giving them the detailed knowledge to progress confidently to implementation.

The agenda will cover:

  • IFRS 17 PoC Overview
  • Data to Disclosure Journey
  • Selecting PoC Use Cases
  • PoC Preparation & Planning
  • PoC Demonstration

Legerity are the specialists in IFRS accounting change. Our FastPost CSM and Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of new IFRS 17 standards with minimum disruption.

Jeremy Wood Legerity Limited Miller_Mark



Legerity CEO and Founder Global IFRS Lead, Legerity Limited


Date: 10am UK / 11am Europe on 25th July 2018
Duration: 45 minutes
Attendees: Finance, Actuarial, Risk, IT

Watch the IFRS 17 Webinar recording here >