Data Integration is a major challenge for most IFRS 17 projects. Detailed solution design needs to accommodate multiple data sources including actuarial, finance, policy and administration, economic and reference data.

Getting data integration right is fundamental to enabling a robust IFRS 17 solution that not only delivers compliance but is the platform for enabling future digital transformation and business agility.

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This free webinar will tackle the design considerations of data integration across systems and stakeholders. We will consider the requirements from actuarial and finance users, and the limitations of legacy systems. We will review how a best practice IFRS 17 data framework and modern cloud-based technology can FastTrack your solution design.

The agenda will cover:
– Moving from assessment to design
– Key data stakeholders
– Data integration options
– Common data framework
– How modern technology can help
– IFRS 17 solution demonstration

Legerity are the specialists in IFRS accounting change. Our FastPost CSM and Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of new IFRS 17 standards with minimum disruption.

Date: 10am UK / 11am Europe on 30th April 2019
Duration: 45 minutes
Attendees: IT, Finance, Actuarial, Risk

Register for this IFRS 17 webinar here