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Webinar: IFRS17, IFRS9 & LDTI… Meeting the new standards - The Challenges of Multi GAAP Accounting

Webinar tackling the challenges of delivering Multi GAAP reporting, the principal design considerations and best-practice financials systems architecture.


IFRS9 – Financial Instruments

IFRS9 became effective in 2018, however many Insurers have elected to delay implementation to January 2023. That is the deadline for Insurance firms to implement the new IFRS17 standard for Accounting for Insurance Contracts. Meeting the new standard for Financial Instruments will be a significant additional challenge for many firms. Legerity’s FastPost platform handles the detailed accounting rules for the various asset measurement classes and the corresponding valuation and credit loss adjustments. Legerity FastPost can be used to process all granular data required to report with confidence.



Legerity Limited IFRS 9 Diagram

How FastPost helps you handle IFRS9


Designed to support high volumes of data, FastPost integrates disparate sources to deliver a single and accurate repository for financial instruments.


FastPost’s high-performance rules platform is specifically designed to enable IFRS9 accounting by handling complex finance and risk calculations at speed.


FastPost brings finance and credit risk data together for IFRS9 reporting, delivering a full audit trail while also supporting forward-looking business decisions.


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