FastPost Express for IFRS17

Our approach at Legerity is different.

IFRS17 is a big change to global accounting standards. Why rely on solutions that are heavy, complicated, and often designed for other purposes – even other industries?

We base our approach on decades of experience in accounting rules software and delivering IFRS17 projects for some of the world’s leading firms.


Insurance is about managing risk

Choosing your IRFS17 solution shouldn’t be one of them.


With Legerity’s Fast-Post Express you get an enterprise grade IFRS17 solution, preconfigured, and SaaS delivered, from a team with a track record of success.

Your journey to IFRS17 Express starts here:

FastPost Express is everything you need to be IFRS17 compliant, quickly, with no fuss.

It reduces your implementation time, complexity and expense; giving you regulatory peace of mind and a clear path into the future as your business evolves.


Enterprise Grade

FastPost Express is based on the platform already used by many leading insurers.


FastPost Express comes complete with out-of-the-box configuration for IFRS17.

SaaS Delivered

FastPost Express is fully managed, giving you maximum availability and scalability.

Our proven methodology:

The 3 steps to Express delivery

Step 1:


Our SME team and implementation partners work with you to complete a series of IFRS17 workshops, mapping your requirements to the FastPost Express questionnaires and templates.

Step 2:


Based on your requirements, we agree on the end-to-end design and configuration set-up for the target solution - including the advanced stages of data preparation and integration.

Step 3:


With the solution designed and configured, we complete a pilot end-to-end implementation across a priority business area - getting it ready to move into user acceptance testing (UAT) and Dry Runs.

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