Global-View. Local Perspective. IFRS17 is a complex industry-wide change in the regulatory framework that insurers need to adhere to, impacting their actuarial, finance and IT departments.

We have been working with firms globally, deploying Legerity’s FastPost Accounting Rules Engine and Sub Ledger to address their regulation needs and comply with IFRS17 – providing a global view, with a local perspective to meet their unique requirements.

Because we are cloud-native, experts at finance accounting and provide out-of-the-box models, our implementation approach is fast, efficient and delivered precisely to the point of need in their business.

Legerity FastPost is solving their regulatory challenges of today, while laying down the foundation of the digital transformation of tomorrow. Enabling them to retire legacy systems, and reduce their cost base. So no matter where you are in your IFRS17 journey – from transitioning to the new regulation, assessing your technology and operational readiness, or looking beyond, and planning your future state architecture, we are here to help.

About Legerity:

The world of finance is transforming. Legerity FastPost is a third-generation accounting rules and sub-ledger platform. Combining the latest advances in technology, data and application architectures, it allows firms to rapidly adopt new accounting standards. Legerity FastPost is changing the way Insurance, Banking and Telco firms think about accounting.

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