In our company update, I am pleased to report that Legerity has delivered well over 100% growth across all parts of our business, year-on-year.

Being a cloud-native vendor, virtual working and remote delivery were already established working practices for us. This means we have continued to support our clients across all five continents with no interruption to service. I believe 2020 was the year when cloud technology really came of age. We have continued to build our team and recruit new employees across our office locations.

From a market perspective, 2020 has been an extraordinarily busy year working with insurers around the world, helping them to comply with the new IFRS17 accounting standard. With the extension of the deadline to 2023, it is set to remain a high priority area of activity during the coming year.

Please explore some of our key projects and success stories from 2020. We are proud to have worked with Aegon International to implement FastPost on the AWS cloud across six countries, covering all three IFRS17 models (GMM, PAA and VFA) and more than 200 insurance products.

We have hosted and taken part in a range of expert panels and webinars this year, most recently collaborating with KPMG to share our insights and experience in accelerating the IFRS17 implementation process.

We are delighted to have brought FastPost Express, our preconfigured SaaS solution, to market. Designed for insurers with smaller IT teams, it gives them everything they need to deliver IFRS17 compliance in a straightforward and cost-efficient manner.

So, we enter 2021 with a highly positive outlook and are excited about the opportunities it will bring us and our clients.

With seasons greetings and best wishes for 2021.

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    IFRS17 Webinar: An Express Route to Compliance - IFRS17 Out of the Box

    10am UK / 11am Europe on 14th January 2021.

    Our upcoming January 2021 webinar will examine the valuable lessons learned from early IFRS17 projects and the Express route to delivering IFRS17 compliance.

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    How Legerity helped a global insurer deliver IFRS17 across 6 countries

    Aegon International subsidiaries in Europe were looking for a common solution for the new accounting standard. This detailed case study explores how Legerity supported Aegon International in delivering IFRS17.


    Exploring the fast track to IFRS17 with KPMG

    Legerity have been busy throughout the year sharing their expertise and experience. From expert panels with KPMG to an exploration of Allocations for IFRS17 and our video explaining LDTI, catch up on all their key conversations and insights from across 2020.

    Fast Track to IFRS17

    Introducing FastPost Express for IFRS17

    We recently announced the launch of our FastPost Express for IFRS17, the enterprise-grade, SaaS-delivered and preconfigured version of our leading accounting rules solution. Find out how it enables medium and small insurance firms to deliver IFRS17 compliance quickly and with no fuss.


    Meet the IFRS17 implementation experts

    IFRS17 is complicated and brings a big change to global accounting standards, how do you get to the right answer quickly for your business? Join our programme of one-to-one virtual meetings in 2021 to find out from our experts how to get your business onto the FastTrack to IFRS17 compliance.


    Find out more about our client projects, platform developments and key insights from 2020.

    Legerity: 2020 in Review

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