IFRS17 reinsurance

For many insurers, how to handle ceded reinsurance under IFRS17 is one of the final hurdles in their IFRS17 journey.

IFRS17 is itself a complex accounting standard, however, the challenges of how to implement reinsurance arrangements in the optimal way are testing even the most advanced implementations.

Date: 10am BST on 16th March 2021
Duration: 45 minutes

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This free webinar will examine the primary design and implementation considerations for ceded reinsurance under IFRS17. We will discuss the principles for reinsurance accounting and examine the impact of underlying onerous insurance contracts. You will learn about the data you will require and the factors to consider in designing a flexible solution.

The agenda will cover:

  • Basics of ceded reinsurance under IFRS17
  • Specific considerations for onerous underlying contracts
  • Recommendations for your solution design
  • IFRS17 software demonstration
  • Fast Track to implementation

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Legerity was named a Category Leader in the Chartis Research report, “IFRS17 Technology Solutions: Market and Vendor Landscape 2020,” a report that assesses leading vendors of IFRS17 solutions.

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