Transition is often viewed as one of the more challenging aspects of IFRS17. With a direct impact on the balance sheet and future profits for insurance companies, the choice of which transition approach to use is material.

Various options for transition are available: Fully Retrospective, Modified Retrospective and Fair Value, but deciding which approach to take will be based on several factors including systems, data, accounting policies and audit judgement.

Date:  8th July 2021
Time: 10am UK / 11am Europe
Duration: 45 minutes
Attendees: Finance, Actuarial, Risk, IT

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At this free event, we will discuss the data and system challenges of transition, and how a best-practice, cloud based, IFRS17 architecture can greatly assist your firm to deliver transition seamlessly and with minimal disruption. We will also look at the lessons learnt for transition with other new IFRS accounting standards.

The agenda will cover:

  • Transition methods
  • Issues to consider
  • Challenges of data
  • How the Cloud can help
  • IFRS17 transition demonstration

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We look forward to meeting you.