Legerity is pleased to sponsor the Retail Banking International Conference event, taking place virtually on the 24th June 2020.

Facilitating a platform to refine the digital, organisational and customer-focused strategy to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing landscape

Explore the impact of technological developments in a rapidly transitioning financial landscape and highlight new opportunities open to FIs as they push to strive in an era that is now truly digital and remote

Bringing you a new digital experience at a crucial time for all, amidst the impact of Covid-19. Expect engaging content and crucial networking opportunities delivered directly to your home!

Date: Virtual Event:
8:45am GMT
24th June, 2020
Duration: All day

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What will I learn?

– Developments through the marriage of Banks and Fintechs

– How to identify opportunities for business growth and efficient solutions for a better retail banking experience

– Examine how the retail sector is embracing digital innovation without neglecting traditional channels

– Discover new innovations in payment platformsAI & ML for a safe and efficient digital network

Key sessions

  • Building Bridges for Better Banking – Marion King, Director of Payments, NatWest
  • Using Inclusive Design to Drive Innovation in the Digital Customer Experience – Pamela Hilborn, SVP Global Head of Design, Digital Banking, Scotia Bank
  • Bank of England: Payment and API Strategy – William Lovell, Head of Future Technology, Bank of England
  • The Impact of FinTech Innovation on the Banking Sector – Ravi Bhalla, Head of Group Design, Lloyds
  • The Innovation Race: Creating Great Customer Experience, Fast – Kunal Malani, Chief Growth Officer, Tandem

We look forward to seeing you there!