Legerity is pleased to announce it is the inaugural gold level sponsor of the Kings College London Data Science Society (KCLDSS). Kings College London is ranked as one of the top 10 UK universities in the QS World University Rankings, 2020 and has over 31,000 students from 150 countries.

The Data Science Society provides an intellectually stimulating environment where students can engage in exploring, hypothesising and producing solutions to pressing problems in today’s society.

The sponsorship partners Legerity with a highly talented pool of future generation data scientists, alongside the wider capabilities of one of the UK’s most prestigious cutting-edge research universities.

The Society will work on a variety of Legerity research projects focusing on big data, machine learning and AI – enabling the students to apply their skills to solving real life industry problems and explore game changing technology solutions for the next generation finance department.

The partnership will also provide valuable input from final year students on what they are seeking in a career, allowing Legerity to further tailor its innovative graduate and intern programme.

Isaac Akanho, who founded the KCLDSS, interned at Legerity in 2019 as a Software Engineer. Isaac is a highly talented, self-starting individual, capable of picking up complex problems and finding an effective solution.

Speaking recently with Isaac, we discussed his educational background, what motivated him to create the KCLDSS, and his plan to scale the Society further.


What is your educational background?

I completed my A-Levels in maths, further maths, additional further maths, physics and chemistry. I then went on to study Computer Science with Intelligent Systems. My degree is mainly focused on how we can get systems and agents to do things intelligently and produce intelligent behaviour – For example, coordinating independent agents and developing collaboration protocols to achieve certain goals.

What were your inspirations to create a society? 

There are a lot of degree subjects that my university offer and increasingly, students are wanting to make advances in their chosen degree and learn more about how they could augment their expertise with data science. All disciplines are gradually producing more and more data, alongside the existing data that is already available. The Data Science Society is a good opportunity for people to learn the necessary skills required to extract, analyse and create models using data, further advance their field and solve problems that can have a substantial impact within different industries.

What is the Data Science Society currently doing? 

We recently hosted an event about fighting discrimination in machine learning. There has been an increase of discussion in the media about the rise in machine learning, the discrimination of machine learning and what it can mean.

A problem arises when we discriminate against things in a harmful and not accurate manner. For example, you could have an AI system which could take peoples name into account when trying to predict a good candidate for a job. When it is a name or something that’s not directly related to the problem, the AI could identify a pattern in the data sets which could incorrectly associate the characteristics of an individual with a certain negative analysis that might not be true.There can also be misrepresentations where there are not enough particular data examples in the data set so the AI doesn’t perform as well as it should.


Legerity is invested in the future generation of professionals and the opportunities that are available to them. Using over 30 years of industry experience, CEO and Founder Jeremy Wood and the Legerity Team can provide insight and guidance to members of the Data Science Society, to nurture them into becoming great technology professionals. At Legerity we are proud of our track record of innovation and commitment to staying at the leading edge of finance and accounting rules technology. Our people – and our Graduate Programme- are central to this.

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