Mark Miller appointed as IFRS Global Lead

Legerity is pleased to announce that Mark Miller has been appointed IFRS Global Lead.

Mark is a qualified accountant (ACA) with over 20 years’ experience of finance change programs. He has been involved in multiple accounting and IFRS implementations and is now appointed as the global lead at Legerity for IFRS Accounting Change.

Mark initially trained with PwC in the insurance practice and prior to Legerity was a senior finance exec at Vodafone for 15 years. He joined Legerity last year and has led the functional design of a large global IFRS 15 program.

His new role will involve working with clients, advisory firms and the industry standard bodies in helping to define best practice IFRS solutions based on Legerity’s 3rd generation accounting rules platform.

Mark adds “Accounting change is gaining pace. The new standards for IFRS 9, 15, 16 and 17 will have a major impact on firms across multiple sectors. There is an increasing disconnect between source transactions and reported numbers. Existing finance systems and legacy technologies are not able to cope. Finance needs to be equipped to handle change quickly and account for increasingly complex products and contracts without holding back the business.  Our new generation Accounting Rules solution is key to making this happen.”

Jeremy Wood, Legerity CEO adds “Mark is one of the industry’s leading authorities on IFRS accounting rules and their impact on finance teams. His new role is an important addition to our world class product design team”.