The Legerity Team share the story of founding Legerity, the technology behind their accounting rules engine, and the team's experience in the finance and insurance industries.

Transforming Finance: How back-office accounting fuels front-office opportunity.

In this Webinar, Legerity CEO and Founder Jeremy Wood shares the story of founding Legerity and his experience as a serial entrepreneur within the tech industry.

Stuart Eden, Legerity CEO, discusses his many years of experience in finance.

Head of Client Advisory Mark Miller takes us through the Legerity technology, and his experience with functional design and transformation strategy, gained from a career in insurance and telecoms.

About Legerity:
The world of finance is transforming.

Legerity FastPost is a third-generation accounting rules and sub-ledger platform. Combining the latest advances in technology, data and application architectures, it allows firms to rapidly adopt new accounting standards. Legerity FastPost is changing the way Insurance, Banking and Telco firms think about accounting.

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This webinar was part of ditto’s Meet The Disruptors event, held virtually on June 23rd and 24th 2020. Find out more here –