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FastPost Showcase – Finance with Confidence

Free event exploring how Legerity FastPost No Code Accounting Rules Platform can streamline daily processes, reduce costs, and deliver advanced business insight – on demand.

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IFRS17 Webinar: Fast-tracking IFRS17 in Australia and New Zealand

Webinar examining how firms in Australia and New Zealand are progressing in their IFRS17 implementations, and the valuable lessons learned from early projects in the region.

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IFRS17 Webinar: The deadline is looming, however, there is still time to deliver

Experts from Legerity and EY will lay out a structured path to IFRS17 delivery for insurers that are still early in their IFRS17 journey and have yet to start implementation.

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How prepared are you for IFRS17 transition?

In a recent webinar, we asked an audience of 200 insurance specialists how prepared firms are within their IFRS17 projects.

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IFRS17 Risk to Projects

IFRS17: What is the biggest risk to not being ready for 2023?

In a recent webinar, we asked an audience of 300 insurance specialists what the biggest risks are to their projects not being ready for the IFRS17 deadline.

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IFRS17 Webinar: The Challenges of Transition – Practical Ways of Managing Transition

Webinar discussing the data and system challenges of transition, and lessons learnt from other new IFRS accounting standards.

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Where is your firm regarding reinsurance in your IFRS17 implementation? – We asked 350 Insurance Specialists.

The challenges of how to implement reinsurance arrangements in the optimal way are testing even the most advanced IFRS17 implementations.

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IFRS17 Webinar: How to Implement IFRS17 for General Insurance

This free webinar will help General Insurers understand the key aspects of IFRS17, and how to address many of the implementation challenges.

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IFRS17 reinsurance

IFRS17 Webinar: The Challenges of Reinsurance – How to implement Reinsurance under IFRS17

This free webinar will examine the primary design and implementation considerations for ceded reinsurance under IFRS17.

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