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IFRS17 reinsurance

IFRS17 Webinar: The Challenges of Reinsurance – How to implement Reinsurance under IFRS17

This free webinar will examine the primary design and implementation considerations for ceded reinsurance under IFRS17.

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Legerity Live: Meet the IFRS17 Experts

Every last Tuesday of the month, Legerity goes live on LinkedIn with our IFRS17 expert Mark Miller answering your questions.

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IFRS17: The Year in Review – Prepare for Success in 2021

We are pleased to provide an update on our company, our FastPost platform, and the markets we operate in, as we look forward to 2021.

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Aegon International: An industry pioneer for IFRS17 implementation

A detailed case study exploring how Legerity supported Aegon International in delivering IFRS17.

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IFRS17 Webinar: An Express Route to Compliance – IFRS17 Out of the Box

Webinar looking forward to 2021 and how insurers can benefit from the work and experience gained by IFRS17 pioneers.

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Fast Track to IFRS17

Webinar: Fast Track to IFRS17 with Legerity and KPMG

Webinar exploring how a pre-configured SaaS solution can fast-track your IFRS17 program, with expert insight from industry professionals.

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Allocations for IFRS17

The Importance of Allocations for IFRS17

IFRS17 is a great opportunity to take a fresh approach to allocations, implementing procedures and automated processes that both meet IFRS17 and wider finance needs.

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IFRS17 for insurers video

IFRS17 for Insurers

No matter where you are in your IFRS17 journey – from transitioning to the new regulation, assessing your technology and operational readiness, or looking beyond, and planning your future state architecture, we are here to help.

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IFRS17 Webinar Allocations Delivering Finance Transformation

IFRS17 Webinar: The Importance of Allocations – Delivering Finance Transformation

Webinar examining the importance of allocations for IFRS17 and finance processes in general and how a new generation Allocation Engine can help transform them.

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