FastPost Showcase – Finance with Confidence

Free event exploring how Legerity FastPost No Code Accounting Rules Platform can streamline daily processes, reduce costs, and deliver advanced business insight – on demand.

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IFRS17 Webinar: Fast-tracking IFRS17 in Australia and New Zealand

Webinar examining how firms in Australia and New Zealand are progressing in their IFRS17 implementations, and the valuable lessons learned from early projects in the region.

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IFRS17 Webinar: The deadline is looming, however, there is still time to deliver

Experts from Legerity and EY will lay out a structured path to IFRS17 delivery for insurers that are still early in their IFRS17 journey and have yet to start implementation.

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IFRS17 Webinar: The Challenges of Transition – Practical Ways of Managing Transition

Webinar discussing the data and system challenges of transition, and lessons learnt from other new IFRS accounting standards.

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IFRS17 Webinar: How to Implement IFRS17 for General Insurance

This free webinar will help General Insurers understand the key aspects of IFRS17, and how to address many of the implementation challenges.

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Insurance Risk & Governance Summit 2021

Legerity is pleased to sponsor the Insurance Risk & Governance Summit, taking place virtually on 27th May 2021.

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Digital Transformation in Insurance Conference 2021

Legerity is pleased to sponsor the Digital Transformation In Insurance Conference, taking place virtually over the 5th and 6th May 2021.

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IFRS17 reinsurance

IFRS17 Webinar: The Challenges of Reinsurance – How to implement Reinsurance under IFRS17

This free webinar will examine the primary design and implementation considerations for ceded reinsurance under IFRS17.

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Legerity Live: Meet the IFRS17 Experts

Every last Tuesday of the month, Legerity goes live on LinkedIn with our IFRS17 expert Mark Miller answering your questions.

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IFRS17 Webinar: An Express Route to Compliance – IFRS17 Out of the Box

Webinar looking forward to 2021 and how insurers can benefit from the work and experience gained by IFRS17 pioneers.

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Fast Track to IFRS17

Webinar: Fast Track to IFRS17 with Legerity and KPMG

Webinar exploring how a pre-configured SaaS solution can fast-track your IFRS17 program, with expert insight from industry professionals.

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IFRS17 Webinar Allocations Delivering Finance Transformation

IFRS17 Webinar: The Importance of Allocations – Delivering Finance Transformation

Webinar examining the importance of allocations for IFRS17 and finance processes in general and how a new generation Allocation Engine can help transform them.

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Finance Transformation Webinar: Legerity in Action with Millennium Consulting – IFRS15 and IFRS17

Webinar exploring how Legerity FastPost Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of IFRS15 & IFRS17, and creates a platform for digital finance transformation.

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Transforming Finance – Legerity in the Markets with O2 – Webinar

Webinar looking at innovation in financial accounting, that not only helps the business run more profitably, but also meet all regulatory requirements.

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Meet The Legerity Team Webinar

The Legerity Team share the story of founding Legerity, the technology behind their accounting rules engine, and the team's experience in the finance and insurance industries.

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Transforming Finance

Transforming Finance: How back-office accounting fuels front-office opportunity

Online Event - How innovation in processing the books, records, ledgers and accounting is helping firms stay regulatory compliant – while fueling better decision making, quicker product development, and smarter user of resources.

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IFRS17 Masterclass Webinar

IFRS17 Masterclass – How to achieve a best practice implementation

Webinar examining the key decisions that you need to make to deliver an effective IFRS17 solution.

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Cloud Webinar: The Power of Cloud – TechCity Connect

With cloud computing playing a role in almost everything we do today, it’s easy for firms to think they have the cloud cracked. But are they making the most of its true potential?

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IFRS17 Webinar: Reporting and KPIs – The impact on performance measurement

Webinar discussing reporting & KPIs required under IFRS17, supporting data sets & what you need for presenting high-level metrics, down to accessing the lowest level of detail.

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IFRS17 Webinar: Premium allocation approach (PAA) – simplified but not simple – part II

Webinar discussing the key accounting mechanics and design considerations for delivering a best-practice IFRS17 cloud-based solution.

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ifrs17 implementation webinar

Webinar: IFRS17 Out of the Box – A Fast Track to Implementation

Webinar discussing a fast track way to deliver IFRS17 implementation using a pre-configured cloud-based SaaS with minimum disruption and at a sensible cost.

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IFRS 17 Transition Webinar

IFRS17 Webinar – The Challenges of Transition – Practical ways of managing transition

Webinar discussing data & system challenges of IFRS17 transition, and how a best-practice, cloud-based architecture can assist your firm in delivering transition with minimal disruption.

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IFRS17 Webinar – How Digital Transformation Impacts the Role of Finance and Actuarial

Legerity and a panel of experts discuss how regulation & digital transformation are changing the finance and actuarial functions within insurance firms.

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ifrs 17 Premium Allocation Approach PAA

Webinar: IFRS17 Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) – Simplified but not Simple

This free webinar will tackle the challenges of delivering IFRS17 under the PAA, some of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them and examine key design considerations for a best-practice IFRS17 solution.

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us multi gaap webinar

Webinar: IFRS17, IFRS9 & LDTI… Meeting the new standards – The Challenges of Multi GAAP Accounting

Webinar tackling the challenges of delivering Multi GAAP reporting, the principal design considerations and best-practice financials systems architecture.

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May Innovation in the insurance industry ifrs 17 webinar

IFRS17 Webinar – Innovation in the Insurance Industry and the Implications for IFRS17

Legerity and a panel of experts will discuss innovation in the Insurance Industry and how to achieve IFRS17 compliance with game-changing business benefits.

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IFRS 17 Webinar – Tackling Data Integration – Detailed design considerations around data

IFRS 17 Webinar discussing data integration across systems, requirements from actuarial and finance users, and the limitations of legacy systems.

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IFRS 15 webinar

IFRS 15 Webinar – One Year On: What have we learnt?

It is now over a year since the new IFRS 15 accounting standard came into force. This webinar will explore how firms have been coping with IFRS 15 and how effective the varying approaches taken have worked.

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IFRS 17 Webinar – Why Digital Transformation is a key consideration for the Insurance Industry

Join Legerity's webinar discussing how IFRS 17 offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the industry and deliver significant business benefits.

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IFRS 17 data management webinar

IFRS 17 Webinar – Defining your Data strategy

Join Legerity on January 22nd for a free webinar discussing fast-tracking IFRS 17 data management and delivering significant operational and business improvements.

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IFRS 17 UAE webinar

IFRS 17 in the UAE Webinar

Join Legerity on January 17th for this free webinar. Find out how an IFRS 17 Proof of Concept can help fast track your Gap Analysis.

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IFRS 17 Webinar: Proof of Concept – The Next Step Towards Implementation – 10th October 2018

Register for this free IFRS 17 webinar to hear how a cloud based PoC is assisting firms move beyond assessment & progress confidently into implementation.

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spotlight on insurtech webinar panel discussion

Legerity takes part in Spotlight On… InsurTech webinar

Hear how disruption and innovation in regulation, technology and consumer demand is driving change specifically in the insurance market, and more broadly in everyday business life for all of us.

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IFRS 17 Webinar: Assessment to Implementation – 25th July 2018

Register for this free webinar to hear from IFRS 17 experts Richard Hart, IFRS 17 Lead at PwC, and Mark Miller, IFRS Global Lead at Legerity about practical approaches on how to move from impact assessment to IFRS 17 implementation in your own organisation.

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IFRS 17 Webinar: Implementing IFRS 17 via the Cloud – 26th June 2018

Learn how an Software as a Service (SaaS) approach can help address many of the implementation challenges of IFRS 17 and deliver a low cost, high performance solution.

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IFRS 17 Webinar: Assessment to Implementation – 22nd May 2018

Register for this free webinar to learn about practical approaches on how to move from impact assessment to IFRS 17 implementation in your own organisation.

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IFRS 17 Webinar: Practical Approaches to Implementation – 17th April 2018

Register for this free webinar to learn more about practical approaches on how to implement IFRS 17 in your own organisation.

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This InsuranceERM webinar, held in association with Legerity, will explain the unique aspects of IFRS 17 and how current processes and systems may be challenged by its demands. Our presenters will describe some of the choices that firms have - and how that might affect systems architecture. They will also explain how IFRS 17 can be an opportunity for firms to streamline operations.

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WEBINAR: IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition – Are you prepared? January 30, 2018

If IFRS 15 is still a concern for your organisation or your current project is struggling to deliver, please attend this free webinar. We will examine practical steps to make up lost time and bridge any gaps or shortfalls in your current systems.

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