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Aegon International: An industry pioneer for IFRS17 implementation

A detailed case study exploring how Legerity supported Aegon International in delivering IFRS17.

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Should Insurers consider a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach to IFRS17?

We asked an audience of insurance experts whether they’d considered an Out of the Box approach to IFRS17.

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An Eastern Opportunity for IFRS17

Legerity’s Jeremy Wood and Mark Miller offer their insights from Hong Kong, discussing the APAC perspective on the global IFRS 17 standard.

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Key Changes to Accounting for Long Duration Insurance Contracts under US GAAP

We explore the FASB update to Long-Duration Targeted Improvements - A significant change for insurers reporting under US GAAP with an effective date of January 2021.

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IFRS15 One Year On – What have we learnt?

A year since many firms went live with IFRS 15 solutions, we review what has happened over this time, digest what we have learnt and take a look to the future.

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Shifting through the gears to IFRS17

Our latest article looks forward into 2019, as firms develop their plans to comply with the regulatory changes and processing challenges of IFRS 17.

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Reaching IFRS 17 Implementation

At a recent Legerity webinar Richard Hart, IFRS 17 Lead at PwC, aligned progress in IFRS 17 implementations using an innovative Tour de France metaphor.

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Spotlight on IFRS17

A snapshot of industry readiness and what lessons can be learnt from previous IFRS roll-outs.

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SaaS: The IFRS 17 Innovator’s Solution?

Legerity’s Nick Deacon explores how relationships between enterprises & their technology have changed, and the role CTO / CIOs play in driving innovation across organisations.

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IFRS17: Capture A Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity

Legerity’s three-step approach, outlined in this PDF, enables clients to seize the IFRS 17 opportunity.

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Accounting Rules Technology: A Coming of Age

Accounting Change is at an all time high. New IFRS standards are coming thick and fast and impact multiple business sectors. Firms are facing a significant challenge in meeting these new standards. Accounting Rules technology is entering the Perfect Storm, where pressures of compliance, product innovation and legacy systems mean change is mandatory.

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Solving the IFRS17 Puzzle

Legerity’s Mark Miller on meeting the new accounting standard.

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