How prepared are you for IFRS17 transition?

In a recent webinar, we asked an audience of 200 insurance specialists how prepared firms are within their IFRS17 projects.

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IFRS17 Risk to Projects

IFRS17: What is the biggest risk to not being ready for 2023?

In a recent webinar, we asked an audience of 300 insurance specialists what the biggest risks are to their projects not being ready for the IFRS17 deadline.

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Where is your firm regarding reinsurance in your IFRS17 implementation? – We asked 350 Insurance Specialists.

The challenges of how to implement reinsurance arrangements in the optimal way are testing even the most advanced IFRS17 implementations.

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Allocations for IFRS17

The Importance of Allocations for IFRS17

IFRS17 is a great opportunity to take a fresh approach to allocations, implementing procedures and automated processes that both meet IFRS17 and wider finance needs.

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IFRS17 Complex

How complex do insurers perceive IFRS17 to be?

At our recent IFRS17 Masterclass webinar in June, we asked the audience of 200 insurance professionals for their overall view of the IFRS17 standard.

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IFRS17 Key Performance Indicators

IFRS17 Key Performance Indicators – What stage is your firm in defining performance measurement?

At our April webinar, we asked how firms were advancing against the challenges of IFRS17 KPIs and reporting.

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Has the further delay to IFRS17 had any effect on projects?

During Legerity’s March IFRS17 webinar, we asked an audience of 200 insurance experts whether further delay to the standard has had any effect on projects.

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To what extent is your organisation acting on Digital Transformation? We asked an audience of insurance specialists.

At our October IFRS17 webinar, we asked an audience of insurance specialists the extent to which their organisation is acting on Digital Transformation.

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Will your organisation build or buy their IFRS 17 solution? – We asked 300 insurance specialists.

During our September webinar, we asked 300 insurance specialists whether their firms were building their IFRS 17 solution internally or purchasing from a vendor.

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Where do Insurers see the biggest opportunity for Innovation?

We asked a global audience of insurance experts and asked where they see the biggest opportunity for Innovation within their own firms.

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Have Insurers started their IFRS 17 implementations?

As IFRS 17 projects move into a critical period of detailed design and implementation, we look at where Insurers are in their IFRS 17 change programs - based on poll data from a recent webinar.

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We asked 200 insurance specialists for their views on the IFRS 17 data challenge

At our recent IFRS 17 webinar we asked our audience of project leaders, accountants and actuaries the status of their IFRS 17 change programs and how they view the IFRS 17 data challenge.

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Shifting through the gears to IFRS 17

On Tuesday 26th June, Legerity hosted a webinar on implementing IFRS 17 via the Cloud – leveraging SaaS models as part of compliance infrastructure. We asked the audience of Insurance executives for their views on the cloud – with interesting results.

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