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Adam Goldie – Legerity Summer Internship Programme

As part of his sales and marketing internship, Adam Goldie was tasked with coming up with a video explaining his achievements and insights from his month at Legerity.

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LDTI Explained

Use our latest online tutorial, "LDTI Explained", to help your company better understand Long Duration Targeted Improvements.

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IFRS17 for insurers video

IFRS17 for Insurers

No matter where you are in your IFRS17 journey – from transitioning to the new regulation, assessing your technology and operational readiness, or looking beyond, and planning your future state architecture, we are here to help.

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Legerity Accounting Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation – Changing the way Insurance, Banking and Telco Firms think about Accounting

The world of finance is transforming. Legerity FastPost allows firms solve complex, cumbersome and processing heavy finance, risk and regulatory problems.

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Finance Transformation Webinar: Legerity in Action with Millennium Consulting – IFRS15 and IFRS17

Webinar exploring how Legerity FastPost Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of IFRS15 & IFRS17, and creates a platform for digital finance transformation.

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Transforming Finance – Legerity in the Markets with O2 – Webinar

Webinar looking at innovation in financial accounting, that not only helps the business run more profitably, but also meet all regulatory requirements.

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Meet The Legerity Team Webinar

The Legerity Team share the story of founding Legerity, the technology behind their accounting rules engine, and the team's experience in the finance and insurance industries.

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Essential IFRS17 KPIs and Metrics

Essential IFRS17 KPIs and Metrics

Legerity IFRS Global Lead Mark Miller explains the critical IFRS17 KPIs to help key stakeholders understand business performance as measured under IFRS17.

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IFRS 17 PAA Complications

IFRS 17 Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) – Simplified but not Simple

This video looks at IFRS 17 challenges in measurement, data and incurred claims; and how the Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) could help insurance firms.

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IFRS 17 Explained

IFRS 17 is complex and many insurance firms feel there is a lack of understanding and training. Watch our latest video and help your company better understand IFRS 17.

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ifrs 17 hong kong

Legerity in Hong Kong – An Eastern opportunity for IFRS 17

On the advent of their new office opening in Hong Kong, Legerity’s Jeremy Wood and Mark Miller discuss a regional perspective on the IFRS 17 standard.

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IFRS 17 Extension – How firms should utilise the extra year

Following the IASB vote in Nov 2018 to extend the IFRS 17 deadline to January 2022, we look at how the market is utilising the extension, and how to deliver real business value.

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IFRS 17 5 Common Themes To Consider in 2019

IFRS 17 – 5 Common Themes To Consider in 2019

Legerity CEO Jeremy Wood reviews how IFRS 17 programs progressed in 2018, and a number of common themes that firms should consider on their IFRS 17 journey.

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introducing my ifrs17 video

Introducing My IFRS17…

My IFRS17… white papers, insight & collaboration created for project leads, accountants, actuaries and technologists.

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My IFRS17 data framework

IFRS 17 – Importance of a Common Data Framework

Watch an excerpt from Legerity’s most recent IFRS 17 webinar exploring the importance of a common data framework.

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Legerity’s Thought Leadership – IFRS 17 Insight, Analysis and Implementation Guides

In this video we discuss how recent market discussions have highlighted the need for guidance when firms come to implement IFRS 17.

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How does Legerity Compliance Plus Address IFRS 17 & Deliver Business Benefits

Legerity's CEO and Founder Jeremy Wood discusses the upturn in IFRS 17 activity, a recent webinar Legerity hosted on IFRS 17 and Legerity's FastPost accounting rules platform.

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IFRS 17 Asia Perspectives

Legerity's CEO and Founder Jeremy Wood discusses a recent trip across Asia, including Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong, to attend PwC’s IFRS 17 Technology Showcase.

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Why is IFRS 17 causing a stir in the insurance industry?

Legerity's Mark Miller discusses IFRS 17 and why it's a once in a generation change for the insurance industry.

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