Fast Track to IFRS17

Webinar: Fast Track to IFRS17 with Legerity and KPMG

Webinar exploring how a pre-configured SaaS solution can fast-track your IFRS17 program, with expert insight from industry professionals.

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ifrs 17 Premium Allocation Approach PAA

Webinar: IFRS17 Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) – Simplified but not Simple

This free webinar will tackle the challenges of delivering IFRS17 under the PAA, some of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them and examine key design considerations for a best-practice IFRS17 solution.

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us multi gaap webinar

Webinar: IFRS17, IFRS9 & LDTI… Meeting the new standards – The Challenges of Multi GAAP Accounting

Webinar tackling the challenges of delivering Multi GAAP reporting, the principal design considerations and best-practice financials systems architecture.

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millenium consulting unit 4 financials conference

Unit4 Financials Conference – Millennium Consulting – April 11th

Legerity's IFRS Global Lead Mark Miller will be discussing IFRS 15, 16 and 17 accounting change at Millennium Consulting's Unit4 Financials Conference.

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IFRS 17 Conference – Millennium Consulting – May 23rd

Legerity's Mark Miller will be speaking at Millennium Consulting's IFRS 17 Conference - Practical Advice for Successful IFRS 17 Programme Delivery.

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IFRS 17 Webinar – Tackling Data Integration – Detailed design considerations around data

IFRS 17 Webinar discussing data integration across systems, requirements from actuarial and finance users, and the limitations of legacy systems.

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IFRS 15 webinar

IFRS 15 Webinar – One Year On: What have we learnt?

It is now over a year since the new IFRS 15 accounting standard came into force. This webinar will explore how firms have been coping with IFRS 15 and how effective the varying approaches taken have worked.

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IFRS 17 Webinar – Why Digital Transformation is a key consideration for the Insurance Industry

Join Legerity's webinar discussing how IFRS 17 offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the industry and deliver significant business benefits.

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IFRS 17 Conference – InsuranceERM – February 27th

Legerity is looking forward to the InsuranceERM IFRS 17 conference on 27 Feb 2019 including a superb line up of speakers and areas of discussion.

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IFRS 17 data management webinar

IFRS 17 Webinar – Defining your Data strategy

Join Legerity on January 22nd for a free webinar discussing fast-tracking IFRS 17 data management and delivering significant operational and business improvements.

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