LDTI Explained

Use our latest online tutorial, "LDTI Explained", to help your company better understand Long Duration Targeted Improvements.

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ifrs 17 Premium Allocation Approach PAA

Webinar: IFRS17 Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) – Simplified but not Simple

This free webinar will tackle the challenges of delivering IFRS17 under the PAA, some of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them and examine key design considerations for a best-practice IFRS17 solution.

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us multi gaap webinar

Webinar: IFRS17, IFRS9 & LDTI… Meeting the new standards – The Challenges of Multi GAAP Accounting

Webinar tackling the challenges of delivering Multi GAAP reporting, the principal design considerations and best-practice financials systems architecture.

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Key Changes to Accounting for Long Duration Insurance Contracts under US GAAP

We explore the FASB update to Long-Duration Targeted Improvements - A significant change for insurers reporting under US GAAP with an effective date of January 2021.

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