Legerity FastPost brings together cutting-edge application design and the latest technology advances.

It delivers a high-performance and future-proofed solution that leverages modern and open standards. Java-based, using in-memory data grid technology for real-time and batch processing and incorporating Big Data capabilities, the system is open, extensible and supportable with industry-available skillsets. The highest levels of enterprise-class security and control support both Cloud and on-premise deployment.


FastPost delivers ultra-high performance. Its low-latency, in-memory data grid processing enables real-time processing and ultra-high throughput for overnight batch operations. Millions of transactions are processed in minutes. Finance and risk can now move to daily and intra-day reporting, with valuable time freed up during the close process. On-demand reporting provides accurate and up-to-the-minute financial and risk business insight.


FastPost combines data and application architectures into a comprehensive solution designed and built for global accounting complexity. It meets the highest level of security requirements in the most demanding of sectors. Across financial services,
insurance, telcos and corporates, FastPost delivers innovative and robust solutions to complex finance and business problems.


Deployed on-site or through the Cloud, clients gain the peace of mind that Legerity FastPost will keep them ahead of tomorrow’s technical innovation and business change. Built to scale effortlessly across organisations of all sizes, while delivering the benefits of open, Java-based, leading-edge technologies with the power of in-memory data grid processing to address finance transformation and accounting change.