Finance and IT teams are under increasing pressure from multiple stakeholders to provide granular accounting validated data on demand.

Firms want to move to a digital, data-driven finance systems architecture that supports business agility and user control, but they also need to operate within a safe IT approved environment that includes the finance disciplines of audit, control and transparency.

However, legacy systems are cumbersome. Accessing the data and defining the accounting and business rules often requires IT resources, even code changes. The process takes time, exposing the organisation to unnecessary risks and costs.

This report explores:

  • The challenges driving Finance Transformation
  • Bridging the gap between Finance and IT
  • Legacy System Migration
  • What is now possible with the FastPost No Code Accounting Rules Platform
  • Leveraging cloud-native, No Code solutions
  • Rapid Integration and Scalability

Download our “You Make The Rules” report and find out how Legerity’s next-generation FastPost Accounting Rules Platform is giving finance departments greater control and ownership of their accounting data.

You Make The Rules Demo

Atanas Jelev, Client Services Director for Digital Transformation, demonstrates how the FastPost Accounting and Business Rules Platform, provides finance users with a powerful No Code tool for supporting finance and business change quickly, on demand, with no fuss.


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